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This document will guide you how to use SSCUI 101095 “Set Calculation Schema - Purchasing” to delete unwanted condition types. This refers from a customer incident and aims at providing details in order to reduce similar issues.


Relevant SSCUI is available for S/4HANA Cloud 1708 and above.


1. Login to the system with certified user and launch application “Manage Your Solution”.

2. On the display page of “Manage Your Solution”, click “Configure Your Solution”.

3. On the display page of “Configure Your Solution”, enter 101095 in the search box, and get the result of “Sourcing and Procurement”-> “Pricing”-> “Set Calculation Schema - Purchasing” SSCUI 101095, click the right arrow to get into this SSCUI. Then choose Configure.

4. Please note that Delete option will be enabled during the copying step from standard procedures. For condition types in standard procedures can’t be deleted as designed.

5. When you create own Purchasing Pricing Procedure using the SSCUI, to delete the unwanted lines, please select the unwanted line first, then choose Delete in the Header or click on More -> Edit -> Delete. One sample is as below:


本文档将指导您使用SSCUI 101095“设置计算方案 - 采购”来删除不需要的条件类型。相关内容来源于一个客户提出的问题,旨在通过提供详细信息以减少类似问题。


相关 SSCUI 在 S/4HANA Cloud 1708 及以上版本可用。


1. 通过经过认证的用户身份登录到系统,并启动应用程序“管理您的解决方案”。

2. 在“管理您的解决方案”展示界面,点击“配置您的解决方案”。

3. 在“配置您的解决方案”界面,在搜索框中输入 101095,并获得结果 Sourcing and Procurement->Pricing->设置计算方案–采购 标识 101095, 点击向右箭头进入此标识。之后选择配置

4. 请注意,删除 选项只有通过复制标准计算过程之后,在复制出来的过程上可被启用。因为按照设计,标准预配置的计算过程中的条件类型无法被删除。

5. 当您使用 SSCUI 创建自己的采购定价过程中,要删除不需要的行,请先选择不需要的行,然后在抬头中选择“删除”或单击“更多”->“编辑”->“删除”。示例如下:

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