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" Sorry I couldn't add screen shots to the post  "

Hello All,

We all know the use of the command field you see in the upper left of the SAP screen: here is where you enter transaction codes!.

As the SAP help explain the use of this field, here what you can do with it:

You can execute the following commands in this field with Enter:

•     To call a transaction

•     To end the current transaction, Enter: /n.

•     To delete the current session.Enter: /i.

•     To generate a session list, Enter: /o.

•     To end the current transaction and return to the starting menu, Enter: /ns000.

•     To log off from the system, Enter: /nend.

•     To log off from the system without a confirmation prompt, Enter: /nex.

This been said, there  is a ‘hidden’ function of this command field in SAP that I am pleased to present to you :

As I am posting this in financial place, I will present some functions that you can use while displaying a FI document that may be useful, use them as shortcuts :

Enter “AH” in the command field while you are in displaying mode of a FI document FB03 :

It will send you to the function : document change history right away. (if there were any of course...)

From the overview display, enter ‘AZ’ : it will display the first line item (no need to double click on the line item any more )

Ah now you need to switch to change mode, do not use you mouse, just type “CHAE” in the command field.

Do your changes,  to save, enter AE in the command field, done!

Need to go to next line item, Enter ‘Z+’, need to go back ? ‘Z-‘.

You want to display the additional data of the line item ? enter ‘ZK’, here you are !!!

And to change display view to general ledger view, use ‘SV’, To go to another ledger, enter ‘LR

Ok let’s go back to display view, enter ‘SU

To display the TAX data, enter ‘ST

Withholding tax data ? enter ‘QS’ for this purpose

Need to go back from line item display to overview ? type AB in the command field.

Want to check if there is any objects (document, files, scans…) attached, just type ‘OBAZ

But let’s check the relationship browser as well, go and type “DBR” on the command field.

Or maybe just the accounting document related ? type then ‘ZREC’, suppose the is a FI document generated by another module (MM, SD, HR, CO..), you can display the original document by entering ‘ZBEL

Any texts related to the document (correspondence, note, Payment advice information) ? just enter ‘TEXT’ (this one is easy…) to display all document’s texts.

There is no correspondence ? you need to generate one ? enter then ‘KORR’ and you will be prompted to choose you correspondence.

But this is a payment document, and you need to check the payment usage ? easy, just enter ‘EPOS’ and there you go.

This document was reversed, ok to display the reversal document, you can enter ‘CA

To display the header of the FI document, enter ‘VK’

And you need to jump to a line item, enter ‘ABZL

Or another FI document ? enter ‘NB

at the end you want to print your document, use ‘PRNT’ to do so

I suppose this codes existed to avoid using the mouse, but some of them are very useful and it is always exiting to find hidden functionalities inside SAP, there is a lot more like this ones…

Have fun


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