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Like many of us, we have implemented HR Renewal for our services in ESS, & MSS. This creates a mix of applications in WDA as well
as UI5.

While SAP is still in the process of converting, for the lack of better term, releasing all services in UI5, the customer is “stuck” with the standard theme.

To give a uniform look, similar to the HR Renewal application, a trick can be applied to display the application using the CORBU Theme… It may not be a 100% match but it is still closer to the look and feel of a UI5 application.

For Example let us look at the Birthday and Anniversary application in Standard and in CORBU Theme

WDA application in Standard Theme

WDA application in CORBU Theme

The CORBU theme is similar to UI5 application. See a sample of a UI5 application below:

Team Calendar in UI5

So how to achieve this:

Pass the parameter WDTHEMEROOT=sap_corbu in the Service URL

From the Launchpad, find the relevant application.  Add the parameter under the Target App. Parameters field.

Do NOT forget to Save...

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