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Multi-application usage has long been a predominant form of software utilization in businesses around the world. The benefits of using an all-in-one solution such as SAP Business ByDesign have begun to outweigh those of using multiple systems, but exceptions do exist. For example, an organization may want to have smaller third-party applications for a particular team within, but not for others. This can help limit software training costs as new employees are onboarded in the company.

How do we integrate these external systems efficiently? This question can be answered with the introduction of Timesheet Integration with External Systems in SAP Business ByDesign.

The Timesheet Integration solution provides an automated integration between SAP Business ByDesign and an external third-party timesheet/task management system. This add-on solution provides interfaces to map the employees, projects/tasks in both systems. The time entries are pulled in via scheduled background jobs and created as employee time in ByDesign against the respective projects. This solution works with third-party systems such as JIRA, Clickup etc.


  1. Plan and monitor the project related times on the central ERP system.

  2. Configure & maintain mapping between the Projects/Tasks/Remote Entities (via Excel)

  3. Configure & maintain mapping between the Employees & Users (via Excel)

  4. Integrate (selective, if required) time entries by project or by user

  5. Scheduled jobs for Master Data Synchronization

  6. Scheduled jobs for Time Entries by specific projects


The installation of this add-on solution will be done by Phoenix Business Consulting. This solution is available as a Solution Template in the partner development system. The installation process broadly comprises of the following steps:

  1. Create a customer specific solution in the customer’s tenant.

  2. Download the solution template zip from the partner’s development tenant.

  3. Upload the solution template to the new solution in the customer’s tenant.

  4. Activate the solution on the customer’s tenant.

  5. Add the solution to the current project in the Business Configuration.

  6. Assign the work center “Timesheet Integration” to the users. Create a role if required by the customer’s user policies.

The Timesheet Integration with External Systems and SAP Business ByDesign has been created as a cost-effective solution to achieve the process shown above. This solution ultimately ties together the need for multi-system integrations in everyday business.

For any questions, please comment below or contact sandipsidhu
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