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Many industries who are working different manufacturing processes, requires there users to record their time consumed in the production Process. The process may be producing a FG product, Plant Maintenance or Services incurred on a project etc.. Many of these employees who works in these companies many be in different levels, require SAP license only to record there time in the system.

For companies this can result in to high cost to acquire licenses just to record the time in the system for their employees. Also If they want to use CATS, they has to implement HR module as to get the personnel number as well which is a tedious job.

I had a similar situation where only 10% of the company require the SAP licenses where rest of the 90% people works at the project site.

To overcome all the above time & efforts, i have used an alternative way by using Excel based tool to record the time sheet for the entire team and at the month end (Depends on the company's requirement), only the authorized person (Accounts manager) will log & post these entries in to the SAP system.

Steps to Achieve -

  1. Create a screen layout for KB21N which matches Excel data base format

  2. Use the attached excel sheet to record the timesheet. There are some hidden sheets where i have added the master data like employee names, project codes in progress and home cost centre, Grade mapping against each of the employee

Once you submit the above time sheet. It will store in the another time sheet database sheet which is access only to the accounts manager. At the month end/weekend, the accounts person will login to the protected sheet to post to into the SAP.

The "Update SAP" button has the VB recording script added which i recorded using "Script Recording & Playback" option in SAP. Once the accountant clicks this button. In the backend, SAP will run the script by executing the t-code KB21N to post the excel entries.

Ultimately, system will post below CO entry which is similar to CAT7 entry.

Employee Cost Dr (Project Code) XXX (Time * per hour cost)

Employee Cost Cr (Employee Cost centre) XXX

I had pre-configured the layout and created the different grades as activity types and assigned the per hour rates to them in KP26.