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Greetings to all exciting people working with SAP SuccessFactors Time Off Module!

In this blog, I would like to demonstrate how to incorporate a relatively new function in your Business Rule in order to calculate the remaining available balance of an employee for a Time Account Type, based on specific Posting Types.

The function is called: “Get balance for Posting Types in Period ()” and was introduced on Q2 2018.

I have frequently come across customers that would like to capture the remaining available balance of an employee when the employee gets terminated.

Upon termination, the employee’s remaining available balance normally gets recalculated based on Termination Date. However, with the standard business rules of Balance Calculation, the recalculated amount posted only takes into account the balance posted as a regular entitlement; that is the amount posted with the ‘Posting Type’ = ‘Accrual’.

The variation of the requirement raised by many customers, is to be able to capture the remaining available balance on termination by adding up balances that have been posted with not only ‘Accrual’ posting Type, but also with other Posting Types, such as ‘Manual Adjustment’, ‘Interim Update’, and so on.

And that’s where this function is coming along.

Let’s see a specific case scenario where we could use this function (you can of course use your own imagination and customers’ requirements to cover your own specific needs as long as you know what this function can do!).

Customer requirement:

An employee gets a yearly vacation accrual on the 01/01/year and a recalculation of an employee’s remaining available balance should be done upon their Termination Date. The recalculation of the yearly accrual should include any amount postings with ‘Accrual’ and ‘Manual Adjustments’ that have been accumulated in employee’s available balance (in any point of time between 01/01/year and termination date – tricky part!). Any other posting types, such as Period End Processing Amounts posted on 01/01/year should not be taken into consideration for the accrual recalculation since these amounts are already considered to be days that the employee has worked and awarded from the past year.

So, how we can configure such a rule:

Note: we will only demonstrate the bit of the function where we capture the remaining available balance based on specific posting types, since this is the purpose of this blog.

Known Facts:

  1. Accrual is posted on 01/01/year

  2. Period-End Processing Amount is posted on 01/01/year

  3. Manual Adjustments amounts can be posted on 01/01/year or later in the year

So we can configure a rule which will calculate the total available balance as of 01/01 plus all manual Adjustments posted right after the 01/01 (so that we don’t calculate any manual adjustments posted on the 01/01 twice!). At the same time we will deduct from that amount the amount posted as Period-End Processing Posting Type. And here is the rule:

Of course, you need to analyze each case scenario independently, so that you can include all assumptions or possible scenarios that may exist to get the final business rule 100% correct.

But overall, these are the steps to follow in order to be able to construct a Business Rule to calculate employees’ available Balances based on specific Posting Types.


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