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Following on from our first two videos in our UKISGU 2013 series on Enterprise Architecture and Analytics we have now arrived to our third video with none other than tim.guest. This is essentially a series of interviews created to bring high quality content and insight to budding SAP enthusiasts and SAP end-users alike. It can be hard to navigate through the technology SAP offers and by capturing experts in each respective field, we provide a more accessible entry into each domain.

You might recognize the man behind the beard in this video; he is one of the UK SAP Mentors and a recognized senior consultant and project manager with a specialization in SAP Business One. Tim also has considerable knowledge in Design Thinking and I had the opportunity to discuss this, SAP’s SME offering, Cloud versus on-premise and a number of other topics in this interview.

Please note, when you start watching the interview, Tim’s actual moustache was for the Movember charity initiative and doesn't reflect his usual cut. :smile:

But here you go, enjoy the interview,

I’ve attempted to break up the video in a rough timeline with the words in […] being additional topics we touch on outside of the original question.

  • 0:10 Can you give us a little introduction to yourself?
  • 0:40 What brings you to this year’s UKISUG? [special interest group, Business One]
  • 01:30 I’m curious, what is SAP currently offering SMEs (Small to Medium sized Enterprises)? [Cloud, SAP HANA]
  • 02:50 Talking on-premise and Cloud for second, what would you recommend to SMEs to go with at the moment? [Business One Cloud]
  • 04:18 Let’s turn a page, on the back of reading one of your blogs on SCN, can you give us a brief introduction to what Design Thinking actually is? [common sense]
  • 05:52 Do you believe Design Thinking is something consultants should get acquainted with? [DemoJam, InnoJam, example of it’s success]
  • 07:10 Towards the end, looking at 2014 what do you think is going to be the two big buzz words and trends in the SAP space?

Tim it was good meeting you and hope we get the opportunity to do it again in the near future. If you want to follow Tim on Twitter his handle is @TimTheGuest with an excess of 10,000 tweets I believe by now!

The full video series if you missed out on our other interviews:

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