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I'am writing this blog on third party field service and repair at suppliers own service center scenario.

With third-party field service and repair, company can provide repair or service for your customers that are fulfilled externally by a third-party supplier at their own service center.


Figure 01: Third Party Field Service and Repair

In case of repair at supplier service center, the equipment to be repaired will be sent to supplier’s service center directly by the customer. Repairs are carried out in the center, after which goods are shipped back to the customer. The service order processing is carried out in the SAP Business ByDesign System.


Figure 02:Enable Scoping Element service and repair.

Figure 03: Enable Question.


Third party field Service and Repair Process Flow

Figure 04: Process Flow

Create Service Order

Service order-> New service Order.

Figure 05: Creation of Service Order

Choose Supplier Service Center as the location of service provision when creating a service order, which indicates that the service is being provided by a third-party supplier.

Figure: 06

The Item Group of the service you add in Services and Spare Parts should be External Service-Time and Material.

If you, don’t you will face the error such as "Product with item group xyz (xyz is the item group of service) will not supported for location of service provision Supplier Service Center".

Fulfillment will set to external based on the item group of the service you added, which indicates that the service has to be performed by the third-party supplier.

Select the service performer and supplier in the Service Planning tab> Save> Submit> Release.

Maintain Cost Estimate Amount under Pricing and Invoicing tab. The Limit Value also considers this amount and gets updated accordingly in the Purchase Request.

Releasing Service Order to Execution

Service Order> Service Order Processing> Search by Service Order ID> edit> Submit> Click Release to Service Execution.

Figure:07 Release Service Order to Execution

As soon as you release the service order the system automatically creates a purchase request in order to start the third-party procurement.

Creating and Sending a Purchase Order

Service Order> Service Order Processing> Search by Service Order ID>edit> click Document Flow tab you can find Purchase Order Created.

Figure: 08

The system creates a purchase order for the repair or service from the purchase request. The system sends the purchase order for the repair or service to the supplier.

Note: If the data of the purchase request is not complete, the system cannot create the purchase order automatically. The operational buyer adds the missing information and creates it manually

Goods and Services Receipt

Goods and Services Receipts> Purchase Order to Be Delivered>Search by Purchase Order ID> Select and click New Goods and Services Receipt>

Figure 09: Posting Goods and Service Receipt

Once the supplier has finished the repair or service, he or she informs the operational buyer about the time spent and materials used for the repair or service in form of an E-mail, letter, fax, or B2B message.

The operational buyer creates and saves a new goods and services receipt for the corresponding purchase order that contains the services and materials used for the repair or service. To facilitate this, the system proposes the relevant data available in the purchase order.

Releasing Service Confirmation

Field Services and Repair->Service Confirmation-> Search by Reference Document ID that is Service Order ID->Edit-> Release.

Figure 10: Service Confirmation

The system creates a service confirmation based on the data from the approved and posted goods and services receipt. Customer-related terms and conditions are derived from the master data. The system saves the service confirmation with status Not Started.

Check, adjust, and completes the service confirmation and releases it. The status of the service confirmation changes to Finished.

Creating a Supplier Invoice

Figure 11: Supplier Invoice

Creates a supplier invoice with reference to the purchase order that contains the services and materials used for the repair or service. To facilitate this, the system proposes the relevant data from the goods and services receipt in the invoice.

Creating Customer Invoice

Figure 12: Customer Invoice

As soon as the repair or service at the third-party supplier has been completed and the service confirmation has been released, the system creates a customer invoice request.

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