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Without a doubt, many of the trends we see in full swing today in the workplace that are shaping the role and impact of the HR organization within companies are the same across the globe. A global pool of talent, a shortage of skilled labor, an experience gap being created by the aging of populations – these are things we all deal with no matter where we do business. And people’s expectations have changed, which means that in HR we are expected to provide tools to allow people to work anywhere, anytime, from any device, allowing for social collaboration and adapted to new ways of finding, developing and training people.

While businesses universally are realizing that attracting and retaining top talent is a critical to the bottom line, every business is different.  Regional differences, industry differences and divergent priorities around applications and infrastructure investments today demand flexibility and choice. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to HCM.

We know this, and we know that the challenges faced by businesses around the globe are in many ways very different. Local regulations and compliance can make managing workforce data and systems extremely complex. That’s why the partnership between SAP and SuccessFactors makes the right sense so that HR organizations can run their global businesses the right way. The partnership offers the world’s leading expert in running businesses globally with the DNA and culture of the leading HCM cloud company. With 27 years of experience we are delivering legal compliance for payroll, HR and benefits across 52 countries all supported with resources in each country to track and interpret new laws and regulations.  Additionally, we offer a robust talent management suite to support your more strategic HR initiatives and the analytics to measure your business impact.  And the icing on the cake is that you don’t have to rip and replace any of your HR systems and start from scratch. We give you the ability to maintain your investments while offering you a blueprint for innovation. It’s about choice and the ability to move at your pace to address your requirements, and determine what is your greatest business need. For many, that means moving everything to the cloud, for others it means a paced approach.

Investing in a complete suite of applications that address the entire employee lifecycle, end-to-end, recruit-to-retire, integrated with your finance systems, and ERP, or on-premise HCM, with social collaboration built in, gives you a distinct advantage. It allows you to have access to real-time data and insightful analytics built on over 2,000 KPIs and metrics, to deliver a unique set of indices that are about making HCM predictive, rather than a look in the rear-view mirror. Predictive HCM means you can address business needs proactively and not reactively. It means having a data-driven view of who you need, where you need them, and in what roles you need them ahead of the curve, so you can build out and maintain a warm pool of talent.

Cloud is helping to drive innovation in HCM, and supporting the changing requirements of our workforce of today and into the future.  In developing the state-of-the-art applications that are changing the world of HCM, and supporting customers’ ability to preserve existing investments, SuccessFactors is uniquely advantaged to support you in your mission to deliver real impact to your business through the power of your people.

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