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Source: SAP

This was an ASUG webcast given last month.  It was a repeat of a session given at SAP TechEd Bangalore.  Special thanks to SAP's carine.tchoutouodjomo for arranging this for ASUG.

Abstract: The client copy tool has been renovated and will include multiple updates, starting with SAP NetWeaver Application Server for ABAP 7.54. Join us as our speakers dive into these renovations, including the SAP HANA-optimized local and remote client copy, client deletion, client export and import tool, client comparison tool, and client size estimation tool. (source: SAP)

Please note that this is about ABAP tools, not Java

Source: SAP

Not official roll out

If share information regard outlook, usual disclaimer applies

Source: SAP

Why revisit? Existing client copy tool existed for 20 years

Why revisit? Driver was S/4HANA Cloud and SAP HEC had similar requirements

Cloud has no system downtime, no server restart, reduce runtime of copy

Log is now written to a table, not a file

High coverage of test automation

Compare business configuration in 2 clients

Right shows KPI's and constraints

Source: SAP

Logon to target client

New architecture – automate, box to the right lower column

Introduce tasks in task manager tool; strategic UI for all related processes, from client 0 copy is started

Transfer from one to another

Remote scenario – data pulled from another system

ABAP stack – pure movement of data process – could be done on a database

Application exits, domain executed code

Application excludes certain tables

Source: SAP

Timeline: started in 2017

Decided to reimpliment tool

May 2019 in S/4HANA Multi tenant environment - new automation, productive use in cloud

In 1909 in September

Intend new tool as standard, plan to deprecate old tool

Source: SAP

New client copy tool comes with task list, and new log, an ALV-based table instead of log files

Back end transaction for tool and log

Completely reinvented

Source: SAP

Improved performance; new tool is 10 times faster than old

Remote copy is 5 times faster

Usability is improved

Do not need SAP* user

New stability - handle large database, and can split tables so it can run parallel

Source: SAP

Old tool: logon to target client

New tool - run in tool in client 000

Advantage is SAP* user is not needed

Source: SAP

Data remains in database layer

Data does not reach ABAP Layer

Source: SAP

New client import and export ool

New transactions, task list



Advantage is the offline client copy

Source: SAP

New client comparison

Two modes - checksum -- fast compare, less details

Detailed comparison for troubleshooting

Source: SAP

Calculation based on size of table in database divided by rows in client

Source: SAP

New log, ALV-based

New transaction - SCC3

Replay is here


  • About the Speakers- 1:50

  • Agenda- 3:57

  • Requirements from SAP S/4HANA Cloud- 4:48

  • New Client Copy Architecture- 11:40

  • Timeline- 14:31

  • New Client Copy Tool- 17:24

  • Execution from a Third Client- 20:58

  • Improved Performance: Data Remains on Database Layer- 22:55

  • Client Export/Import and Comparision- 24:29

  • Client Size Determination and Copy Log- 27:46

  • Demo- 30:00

Question & Answer:

Does this tool work with SAP SRM and SLM?

It is available with S/4HANA 1909 onwards only (and other SAP Products on same BASIS Stack)

What is the transaction to check this client copy log?

SCC3 (same as before, it checks if copy was made with new tool, then new log is shown)

What will happen when we don't select option "Lock source client" while doing local client copy. Can we anticipate wait time?

source system has 100K database tables - worst case could lead to inconsistent tables

How does the Client export works for Huge databases for eg 5 tb to be used for system refresh Prod to QA.How efficient is it now compared to before?

client export - no change for large db tables; client export works on transport request

Link to slides is here

What do you think?  I didn't know the current tool was 20 years old; good to see it is being improved.
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