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It is very rare that I am so pleasantly surprised - SAP has launched another innovative solution. Thanks for being innovative. Tried to activate the integration center in my demo instance, actually a very easy process so-far. Yes, it is true SAP SuccessFactors can be easy! :smile: Plug and play.

Five minutes and you are live with your integration center. Enjoy!

But where do I find information about how to activate and use the integration center - firstly it is now a part of the THR80 Introduction to SuccessFactors, Academy training on Learning Hub. Furthermore you can access more information on this link Integration – SAP Help Portal Page.

If you're a customer, IT vendor or SAP Consultant - you know that integration is always a problem that can create problems and possibly extend projects. Perhaps SAP have launched a solution so the risk can be less - in the form of the integration center.

But what is the integration center? SAP describes it as; Would have inserted text describing the Integration Center as SAP describes it - but apparently the moderators find it violating the SCN rules - so I my own word it is.

A user interface which is fast and swift to activate integrations - which could be problematic and time consuming before the integration center was launched.

It all sounds super good - but do I now have to build my own integrations. It does not look like that > SAP delivers today 67 predefined integrations.

And if I'm not mistaken > then the future will bring a lot more. This is only the beginning > a huge differentiator compared to other cloud providers.

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