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Everyone knows the platform support matrix documents. The document is available either for customers and partners. The documents are also for SAP B1 Hana and SAP B1 on MSSQL

Here is the link to download it:


In the documents,  all SAP B1 users and consultant can know the supported Operating System Plafform, Database Platform, Desktop Platform and so on.  The document should be use as  a guidance or reference before installing SAP B1  system.

Based on the SAP Maintenance Policy Program, the SAP Global recommends that all SAP B1 end users must upgrade or install the latest version of SAP Business One either Hana or SQL in the latest version of SAP Database Platforms (MSSQL or Hana Platform).

The latest OS versions either Linux Suse or Windows Server must also be used if SAP Global confirmed that the latest version of the Operating System has been compatible with SAP Business One Hana or SAP B1 on MSSQL.

The introduction of SLES 12 and its compatibility with SAP B1H 9.2 PL 08 and higher versions and SAP B1 9.3 is really good news for the end users because the SLES 11 version maintenance period will be terminated soon.

Based on the platform support matrix, I tried to install the SLES 12 SP1 on the Hana certified HP server DL380 Gen9 with RAM block is 4 Blocks and HDD size is 1.2 TiB (TebiByte) using DVD installer.. The installation is easy. The time to install with minimum installation only lasts one hours but I am sure it could be last 2 hours depends on the installation setting.

In this blog I would like to share my experience to install the Linux Suse 12 SP1 a little bit. I just share the important points when I was installing the SLES 12 SP1 so that everyone who want to install it can make a good preparation before using the SLES 12 SP1.

The server raid has been set to raid 5. Here is a picture showing the raid information.

Pic. 1


the OS Linux Suse 12 SP1 installation can be initiated from the HP server  intelligent provisioning. Here is the picture that showing the selection in the select operating system step window of intelligent provisioning.

Pic. 2


After click next, the SLES 12 installation is begun. Here is the picture of Suse installation beginning window.

Pic. 3


You can choose Boot from Hard Disk or just click Installation and then the installation will go through in the steps by steps. You can follow the installation instruction of the Linux Suse.

When the suggested partitioning step window like this following picture appears:

Pic. 4


It means that your hard disk is not detected. It will make high fan noise on server.

. You must abort the installation.The system will abort the installation. After tht, the Linux suse 12 installation screen similar with Bios will appears. Select the installation option and it will open to the first installation screen like Pic. 3.

Select the installation again. The system installation will go steps by steps until the suggested partitioning appears again with correct result, i.e., the server hard disk is now detected. 

Pic. 5.


There is no more error message now. Follow the installation wizard until finish.

After the Linux Suse SLES 12 SP1 is finished to install, you can now install the SAP Hana Platform 122.05.

After Hana Platform is succeeded to install, you can install SAP B1 Hana 9.2 PL07 and higher or SAP B1 9.3 H.

Good Luck.