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Called one of SAP’s best kept secret, ERPsim is a live ERP system, enabling anyone to test drive S/4HANA, amongst many other opportunities.

Nobody would buy a used car for $2000, or at any price for that matter, without taking the car for a test drive, though multi million dollar software application are being purchased without any equivalent scenario.

ERPsim has been created by Business Economics professors at the University HEC Montreal https://www.hec.ca/en/, to enrich MBA education by allowing students to run a virtual company in a simulated market environment on a real SAP ERP system. The simulated business scenarios available in ERPsim, commercially available by Baton Simulation, a Canadian company, are Wholesale/Retail, Manufacturing and Public Service.

Since it’s invention, ERRpsim has been instrumental at over 300 Universities globally for a world class MBA education, and once a year students from selective universities participate in the ERPsim world championship.

The CMU Central Michigan University had their 8th ERPsim competition in February this year https://www.cmich.edu/colleges/cba/academic_programs/Certification/sapua/pages/erpsim%20competition..... “where the ultimate prize is an on-the-spot job or internship offer at a major company.”

On October 29th, Baton Simulation will not offer you what CMU did, but a S/4HANA ERPsim experience for you and your team from min. 3 to max. 5 team members, who are required to run a virtual company in a live SAP ERP system, hosted in AWS, in a real-time competition with other teams. The team, which manages to accomplish the highest profit over 4 quarters (which are virtual quarters in accelerated time, ca. 2h), wins. Like in real life, except if you run a Unicorn.

In order to participate in this digital event, you can use your personal PC, iPad or even your iPhone, though you might need special optical support to run OLTP operational transactions and OLAP analytics simultaneously on the same smartphone screen.

There are no prerequisites, like SAP certification, necessary, because Baton’s digital user assistant DAS, provides guidance along every step, SAP transactions and SAP analytics, directly on every SAP (ERPsim) screen.

For more details please see this post.



More details on ERPsim, German only, sorry.

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