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Before we can use automation with SAP GUI, both SAP GUI client and SAP server needs to allow SAP scripting. The SAP GUI Scripting behavior can be also modified per machine in the Windows Registry.

Client-side setup

How to enable SAP Scripting on the SAP Logon client side?

  1. Go to SAP GUI Options
    section Accessibility & Scripting
    select Scripting

  2. In the section User Settings check the "Enable scripting" checkbox.

Server-side setup

How to enable SAP Scripting on the SAP server side?

Basis team needs to set the RZ11 system parameter

to value TRUE.


The value TRUE must be entered in uppercase.

If the parameter is not available, administrator needs to check the installed service packs.

There are also more fine grained options available now for SAP Scripting, for example if we need to allow read only mode or in case we want to disable recording new scripts. For additional parameters that modify the usage of sapgui/user_scripting, please read the referenced documentation below [1].

Windows Registry setup

It is also possible to disable SAP GUI Scripting on certain client machines even after SAP GUI Scripting has been installed and enabled client/server side.

Administrator should check the following registry key exists in the Windows Registry


The registry key should be set to 0 if the SAP GUI Scripting should be disabled on the particular machine.
On 64-bit operating systems, the registry key is:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\Wow6432Node\sap\SAPGUI Front\SAP Frontend Server


  1. SAP GUI Scripting Security Guide

  2. https://studio.uipath.com/docs/enabling-sap-gui-scripting

  3. Community Wiki on SAP GUI Scripting

SAP Notes

480149 - New profile parameter for user scripting at the front end

1261706 - Kill bits set for SAP GUI Scripting

2565390 - SAP GUI Scripting: Changed behavior for combination of profile parameters sapgui/user_scri...
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