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Below is some terminology used in Talent Management and Talent Development along with their definitions. This was published as part of the blog SAP HCM Talent Management Terminology in the SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) space.




Object Setting and Appraisals (technical name for Performance Management)
PDPersonnel Development
TMC / HRTMCTalent Management Core
STVNSAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa
TMSTalent Management Specialist
TREXSearch and Classification (originally Text Retrieval and Information EXtraction)
ESHEnterprise SearcH

General Terms



A behavior, characteristic, or qualification of an employee

Functional Area

A logical grouping of Job Families that represents a function of the organization, such as Marketing or Production
Job Architecture

A talent orientated structure used to efficiently assign competencies across the organization, compromising of Functional Areas, Job Families, Jobs and Positions and allowing inherited competencies down the structure

Job FamilyA logical grouping of jobs that have similar attributes or characteristics
Position RequirementsThe competencies required by the holder of a position
ScaleLevels of values used to measure proficiencies or attributes
Status HandlingThe use of Nominated and Approved statuses to specify if an assignment to a Succession Plan, Successor Pool or Talent Group has been confirmed or not
Talent DevelopmentIdentification of talent or successors, review of individuals and development planning
Talent GroupA group of talented employees

Specific Terms


Area of Responsibility

The area of the organization structure for which a TMS can perform Talent Management activities

Bench Strength

A risk-based score to measure the strength of the successors assigned to a position
Career Type/LevelType and level of career aspiration, used to measure the career aspirations of employees and the career aspiration requirement of jobs or positions

Corporate Goals and Values

Goals and/or values that represent those of the organization from a strategic level and cascading to organization units to use in the performance appraisal process
Development PlanLong-term development plan used to track and measure objectives for successors or high-potentials
Key Indication

The attribute that specifies a Key Job or Key Position

Key JobA job whose positions are determined to be Key Positions
Key PositionA position that is critical to the operation or long-term success of an organization
MobilityThe ability for an employee to relocate to another geographic location
RankingThe value of a successor to the position if they became the holder of the position
ReadinessHow ready a successor is to assume a position
STVN SuccessionPlanningThe graphical user interface offered by SAP to support succession planning processes
STVN TalentHubA new name for STVN SuccessionPlanning from STVN4.0
Succession PlanThe successors of a position
Succession planningProcess of identifying and developing successors for key positions and high potentials for Talent Groups and Successor Pools
SuccessorSomeone who is adjudged to be capable of taking a position in the future
Successor PoolA collection of employees who have potential to fill one or more jobs or positions within a specific job family
a TalentAn employee that is assigned to a Talent Group
Talent AssessmentApplication used to assess the talent-related characteristics of employees by their manager
Talent Profile for EmployeesA self-service profile of talent-related information maintained by employees, such as education, work experience, career aspirations and mobility preferences
Talent Profile for Managers and Talent Management SpecialistsAn extended display version of the Talent Profile for Employees that is available to managers and Talent Management Specialists, containing additional talent-related information
Talent Review MeetingApplication used to support the review of employees both during and/or after the appraisal and talent assessment processes

Object Types

Object TypeDefinition
BPBusiness Partner
CPCentral Person
TBTalent Group
RMTalent Review Meeting
FNFunctional Area
JFJob Family
VAAppraisal Template
VBCriteria Group
QQualification / Competency
QKQualification Group
QBQualification Block

SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa (STVN)-specific terminology can be found in the blog Visualization Solutions by Nakisa (VSN) Terminology.

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