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Many years ago, one of my assignments was auditing the live PRD system of a Domestic Indian customer (F&B Industry). My focus was on the day-to-day  OTC Processes/ system set-up of their system.

The intent of this post is only to jot down/consolidate those findings (OTC related) -, as, sorting out/rectifying/correcting  these  findings/points could be done w/o much difficulty & if there is any hiccup, support is available online from many other sources


  • A few Pricing elements could be processed with both positive & negative  values. For eg: Provisional price, Selling Price, Surcharge, etc.


  • Sales Orders with “Completed” Status were found to be open for manual modifications. For eg. Qty.


  • At the time of Sales Order creation, the extent to which the system allows critical information edits, should be reviewed accordingly.


  • Sales Order Pricing could be processed with duplicate condition types.


  • Sales Orders could be saved w/o entering any material/qty.


  • Sales Orders could be created for Customers marked for deletion.


  • A Return Order/Credit memo request/Debit memo request could be created w/o reference to any preceding document.


  • System allowed for creating Duplicate Customer Master records.


  • Mandatory fields (Business Specific) in Customer Master Records to be reviewed for all account groups.


  • Not all users having access to VA02, need to have authorization for removing Delivery block & Billing Block in Sales Orders.


  • Confidential Pricing condition values (for eg: Cost, etc.) could be made invisible/masked at the relv. document level wrt the allowed Users.


  • Number range reset for Invoices should not be done in a 'reactive' mode.


  • Redundant data in IDocs could be done away with, after business review.


  • Sales Orders could be created for customers with Ship-Tos, that were not included/assigned in the corresponding  Sold-To records.


The above is not exhaustive & suggestions are welcome.


Thank you for your time


Sumanth Gururaj