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The standard program /SAPSLL/OBSSF_FORMS_R3 starts to show a dump with syntax errors after the upgrade of the GTS system.

Basis colleague notices that this is part of the GTS system upgrade which needs to apply SLL_PI plugins. GTS-related notes implementation has already been done but no related updates on the SAP side.

To fix this syntax error at standard code  /SAPSLL/OBSSF_FORMS_R3 in the SAP system, find this note 2310051 needs to be implemented.
The syntax error and dump are caused by missing changes to SAP_APPL objects that enable new GTS 10.0 and above plug-in functions

Review and Implement the relevant corrections in SAP Note 1502434

See Also
Note 1947027
KBA 2285670

/SAPSLL/SAPLCD_PI_R3, IT_YVBUP, IT_YVBPA, IT_XVBUP, GTS 10.0 upgrade, GTS 10.1 upgrade, SYNTAX_ERROR, ST22, SLL_PI 900, SLL-LEG 900, 900, 901900, 901

It relies on SAP Note 1502434 which is highly relevant to this case.

  • 2310051 - KBA: Syntax error in program /SAPSLL/SAPLOBJSSF_SERVICES_R3

  • 1502434 - Global Trade Services: Plug-in for SAP GTS 10.0 (Prerequisite: SAP Notes 762383 and 964632 must be implemented)

But this note 1502434 only supports the SAP_APPL version up to 605 which is too old. Finally, notes 1947027(Temporary inbound delivery transferred to SAP GTS) works perfectly to fix that syntax error by updating the below object:


You do not want temporary inbound deliveries to be transferred to SAP GTS.

Other Terms
SAP Global Trade Services

Customs Management

Inbound delivery



Reason and Prerequisites
There is a program error.

Change the source code of the programs as described in the advance corrections.

Hope this could help anyone facing the same problem.

Btw one query is why the version of this updated class doesn't reflect the notes corrections.
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