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There are situations for which we want to reflect some changes in a PM order to the assigned PM notification. When we create the order and then a PM notification the equipment, if entered, is also created as reference object in the notification.

This is the standard behavior when we are creating the documents. It appears some cases for which we also need to maintain some fields synchronized between these two documents. That's the case when we change the equipment in the order and want to have the same equipment updated in the assigned notification.

From a search in customizing we can find some related feature in the "Set up Synchronization of work center in Order/Notification", which is an entry in the PM customizing node "System Enhancements and Data Transfer". This is the possibility to get a synchronization between the two documents but just for when we change the work center.

To make it available to other fields we can use the Enhancement (type "Customer Exit") IWO10009 that is called when we save the PM order, after creating a project in CMOD The example I've done using CMOD transaction is attached to this document as a picture .

Note I've done this just as an example so it has some limitations. The program can be used just as a start base and more ABAP code should be added according to the following limitations.


  • Only synchronizes the equipment
  • Only from PM order to the assigned notification
  • Not error handling is done, should be added
  • Code should be added because some fields should need to change when the equipment changes: Planner Group", "Main Work Center"
  • Need to be adapted to run with other transactions not only IW32.
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