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Former Member

Hello Gurus,

(I'm wondering if that's got someone's attention at least :wink: )

Stranger Danger!

You may have noticed something happening to your beloved SAP HCM area in SCN.

Yep - the SuccessFactors craze is hitting hard. Three of the last four blogs in the space were to do with SuccessFactors, add this one and it will make 4/5.

Someone Stop Them

Well - that's got to stop - I mean we can't all go about pretending that the cloud revolution isn't happening if people keep on talking about it! So I suggest that we sand-box those people.

A special area so that they don't disturb the rest of us sounds like a great idea.

To that extent I have created a "Idea Place" - check it out it's the link at the bottom right of all the menu links at the top of your screen - idea.

to be extra nice - here is the link - Create SuccessFactors specific area on SCN under HCM

Please feel free to visit and vote it up to get rid of all of these annoying SuccessFactors blogs from the main HCM area,

It might even help you avoid those SuccessFactors blogs by luke.marson too (as he puts them under Cloud Computing - doubling your risk of exposure.)

And Dear Gurus,

     Thank you for your time.

This post should be in no way considered indicative or representative of my company. Blah blah blah. My own foolishness is my own. And much as I try to uphold the standards associated with being a SAP Mentor - sometime it's just more fun to be a little silly. Thanks for reading, and please do take the time to vote/comment in the idea place idea.