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Everyone working with Employee Central at companies above 500 EE's encounter the topic of Position Management. With the advent of Intelligent Services and an tighter process integration, it is a hot topic. I just ran a solution architecture & scoping workshop with a client, and relevant stakeholders were invited. For Recruiting, there were 5 participants, Succession 4, Learning Management 8. Position Management pulled a total of 12 participants ( ! ) - several of whom had crossed the Atlantic for just the purpose of understanding the implications of using Position Management.  Anyway, I have always heard the question "is position management relevant for us?" question. Some companies are certain & confident it is mandatory or required for them, others are more reluctant. SAP does not offer a lot of guidance so recommendations comes down to the individual consultants ability to analyse the clients processes and characteristics and provide guidance based on that. This should always be done, although it can be difficult in a sales phase before the work order / SOW is signed to do it. I have compiled this list of pros and cons and would like to check the community what topics you consider when advising clients to use Position Management or not.


  • Data maintained by HR on positions propagates to employees Job Information
  • Higher data quality + stronger HR control
  • Ability to use positions for RBP and approval flows
  • Recruiting Management uses position object, e.g. ability to create job req for a To Be Hired position and new hire is linked to position
  • Succession Management uses position object for Succession Org Chart


  • Cannot add new employee without having a position to link employee to
  • More maintenance work for central HR function (strong governance needed)
  • Changes to position data propagate to employees via business rule (adds overhead)
  • Client needs to perform more data conversion
  • Once turned ON, it is troublesome to turn OFF

What do you think?