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Introduction: If the subcontractor reports excess consumption or underconsumption of subcontracting components after delivery of the finished product, you must post a subsequent adjustment to correct the component consumption. In this blog, I will demonstrate subsequent adjustment functionality with subcontracting process.

The following functions are available for posting a subsequent adjustment:

  • Post Subsequent Adjustment Fiori app, since SAP S/4HANA 2021

Process Flow:

Process Flow

Enter a subsequent adjustment using Post Subsequent Adjustment app:

On the initial screen, enter the document number of the purchasing document for which you want to enter a subsequent adjustment. To enter the overconsumption or underconsumption of a component, open the item details. In the Components section, in the Goods Movement field, select whether there is Overconsumption or Underconsumption for the individual component and enter the quantity to be posted. For components for which no subsequent adjustment needs to be posted, leave the default No Posting for the goods movement unchanged. Finally, choose to Apply for the component data and post the subsequent adjustment.

Note: A subsequent adjustment can only be entered for a subcontracting purchasing document once a goods receipt has been posted for this document.

Process Steps:

1. Execute Fiori Tile "Post Subsequent Adjustment."

2. Enter the Subcontracting Purchase Order.

3. Select the Overconsumption or Underconsumption and Quantity Under Goods Movement.

4. In this case, I am selecting Underconsumption and quantity.

5. Post the document.

6. Material Document gets created.

7. Execute Fiori Tile "Material Documents Overview."

8. Display the Material Document. Validate that reporting underconsumption post movement type: 544 - O, and it puts back inventory to subcontracting location.


  • Using subsequent adjustments, we can report underconsumption or overconsumption of components.

  • This will ensure that inventory at subcontracting location is always in sync with what's physically reported.

  • We can roll out the component cost to the finished product by making subsequent adjustments.

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