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This document will explain  how to make Stock transfer release (Stock transfer from plant) to consume PIR.

Example Scenario:

In this I have explained how to make Stock transfer request (from Receiving Plant)  to reduce the Planned Independent requirement (in Supply Plant).

Plant 1000 - Receiving Plant

Plant 1100 - Supplying Plant

Material Master  :  STOM01

Material master setting in 1000 :

In 1100 (Supply Plant)

Here We need to set Mixed MRP Indicator '1' regardless of strategy

Backward and forward  consumption periods also must for reduction.

Creating demand in Receiving Plant (1000):

Create Production Plan in Supply Plant (1100)

Here  we need to change the  consumption Indicator to 3 (only in Supply Plant where you want to STO rel to reduce PIR)

Before MRP run (at Receiving plant 1000)

MRP run in Receiving Plant(1000)

This will create PreqRel in Supply plant 1100 which consumes PIR .

We can see the consumption/reduction situation in MD73 .

In this example we explicitly assigned consumption indicator as '3' in Supply plant. We can also do some customization (in OMP6.)  in Requirement class   strategy  so that it will be appear as '3' by default .

Thanks and Regards,

Velmurugan S

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