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Dear SAP Folks,

In this blog post, I will share how to transfer stock from within the plant and Cross Plant Stock transfer in RISE With SAP Public Cloud 2208 (storage location to Storage location, Cross plant transfer, Quality Inspection clearance, and Material document Over view in a single App.


Transferring Stock in Plant - with RISE With SAP Public Cloud 2208

Fiori APP Name:

Transfer Stock (In Plant)

Open the stock transfer tile and select Material number and Plant

Then double-click the material line item

After that, it will show the range of coverage, stock chart, and all storage location and stock details.

The transfer posting here enabled touch concept by selecting stock removal and Stock Placement icons in this app designed easily to handle mobile phones also.

Now I am going to transfer the service Spare Parts Storage location to the Claim Storage Location

See here,

Service Spare Parts Stock Now = 320 EA

Claim Storage Location Stock = 0 EA

Now Click Stock Removal Icon.

After that select the stock placement Icon In Receiving Storage location or Receiving Stock type

Then Enter enter document date, posting date, free text attachment, etc.....

Finally, click the post button and check the material document also

Now see receiving storage location stock details

Claim storage Location: 10 EA

And here also we can clear Quality inspection, Click Manage Inspection Lot

Now we can do anything here Create an inspection lot, Result recording, Usage decision

Next Here also we can view the material document overview also click material document overview

See here we can see the entire document list for single and multiple materials



I hope this is useful for all of our community members

I believe, It will be helpful and will provide sufficient information to the readers

Thanks For Reading. Please share your reviews & feedback…


Thanks & Regards

Venkatakrishnan Subramani