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Former Member

In this tutorial I would explain how to create Infotype Menus in PA30, as shown in below screen:

This tutorial will explain how to add these tabs and add infotypes in these tabs.

IMG Steps:

SPRO > IMG > Personnel Management > Personnel Administration > Customizing Procedures > Infotype Menus > Infotype Menu

Select User group dependency on menus and info groups, and click on continue

Create the tab name by giving Ref. Number common to all which you want to be displayed in PA30.

Save the entries, and return back. Click on Infotype menu, and continue

The above pop up will appear. Enter the tab code and continue.

Give all the Infotype number that should come in this tab, and hit enter and save.

Similarly create for others:

Now go to SU3 TCode, and in parameter tab enter Parameter ID as UGR, and Parameter value as 70

Save the entries, and now enter tcode PA30, for the tab values: