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There are many like me who must have struggled enabling the HR Renewal Landing page functionality for the first time. Today, I decided to list down the steps for configuring the HR Renewal Landing Page which makes life easy for guys like me.

Quick Introduction from SAP help -

Using UI5 technology, this landing page is a web-based UI for HR professionals offering a single point of access to employee and organizational master data.

Features -

  • Rich client application using standard JavaScript technologies
  • Distinct separation of feed-like informational sources and transactional UIs
  • Use of OData channels (SAP Gateway) enables the bundling of several information sources
  • Extensible for customers
  • Role-based state-of-the-art UI
  • Intuitive UI that users can personalize to meet their requirements
  • Homogenous UIs for employee and master data
  • Single point of access to employee and organizational data
  • Universal search for employee and organizational data
  • SAP delivers the following lanes Actions, Analytics, Organizations, Tasks by Drafts, Tasks by Priority, Tasks by Time, Search and an integrated collaboration platform, Discussions
  • Easy overview of tasks on the initial page, including draft tasks

Steps -

1. As a first step, install the HR Renewal components. Please refer SAP Note#1701634 for the release information. Kindly make sure that you install the   

   Gateway related components like IW_FND, IW_PGW, IW_SCS, GW_CORE, UI2_700/UI2_701/UI2_702/UI2_731, UI2_FND, UI2_SRVC, UISAPUI5 that are  

   compatible to your EA-HR Components installed.

2. Activate the below mentioned business functions -

    • HCM_PAO_CI_1 - HCM, Personnel & Organization
    • HCM_PAO_CI_2 - HCM, Personnel & Organization 2 ( for new functionality - "Processes")
    • BC_SRV_STW_01 - Enable SAP Streamwork ABAP Integration 1 ( for Discussions functionality)
    • BC_SRV_STW_02 - Enable SAP Streamwork ABAP Integration 2 ( for Discussions functionality)
    • BC_SRV_STW_03 - Enable Social Media ABAP Integration 3 ( for Discussions functionality)

3. Activate the SAP Netweaver Gateway Services in the below SPRO node - SAP Netweaver > Gateway > OData Channel > Configuration > Connection

   Settings > Activate or Deactivate SAP Netweaver Gateway.

Click on "Activate" button to view the below confirmation screen -

4. Define SAP System Alias in the below SPRO node - SAP Netweaver > Gateway > OData Channel > Configuration > Connection Settings > SAP Netweaver

   Gateway to SAP System > Manage SAP System Aliases.

Make sure you maintain the SAP System Alias, Description, RFC Destination, System ID, Client and WS Provider System details. In our case, we have maintained these entries with SAP ECC system itself.

5. Activate and Maintain ODATA Services. OData Channel implementations retrieve the data from an SAP Business Suite system, that is, a backend system. Once a service has been defined in the backend system, the service must be registered or activated on the SAP NetWeaver Gateway system.  You may perform this activity in the below SPRO Node -

SAP Netweaver > Gateway > OData Channel > Administration > General Settings > Activate and Maintain Services.

On opening this node, you would have the list of services listed and you could activate these services as shown below  -

At times, not all needed services would be listed by default, we should add the missing services by clicking on "Add Service" button. Enter your System Alias and click on "Get Services" button as shown below -

Double click on the services that you want to add and select the package as shown below. By default SAP proposes the Technical Service Name and Technical Model Name.

Note : Please make sure the SICF services for these newly added services are active by checking them in SICF under the path - Default_host/sap/opu/odata/sap. If any of these services are still inactive, please make sure that you activate them manually in SICF transaction. Also make sure that the SICF services(like opu,HRRenewal, UI*,IWBEP,etc)  related to HR Renewal are also active.

I managed to list down the services that needs to be activated by reading the documentation of Landing Page in SPRO node -

6. Launch the Landing page application from PFCG Role - SAP_PAO_PROFESSIONAL as shown below -

To view the beautiful UI5 Application -

Effective HR Renewal FP4, the look and feel of this landing page has changed. SAP has come up with one single landing page for employees, managers and HR Administrators. The below roles are now delivered to avail this functionality -


You can launch the new landing page application using this role -


You can also launch the new landing page using this role -


This new composite role also provides the flexibility to launch this application -

Note :

1. Please make sure that you open/run this application in IE9 or above versions only.

2. If landing page throws an error, please refer SAP Note#1860742 to see if the listed objects(in SAP Note) are inconsistent in your system. If so, please follow the instructions that are mentioned in this OSS Note to resolve this issue.

Thanks for your time !

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