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In this document we will be going through various steps involved to develop Multiple counter plan.

A multiple counter plan is used in counter based maintenance. This type of maintenance planning is not based on a maintenance strategy. This means that you can create a multiple counter plan without maintenance strategy.

Master data requirement

     Below are the list of basic Master data required to process Multiple Counter Plan.

      • Equipment
      • Characteristics for measuring point / counter
      • Measuring Point/Counter assigned to Equipment
      • Cycle sets as per requirement

Equipment - IE01 / IE02

     I have created PUMP as Equipment for explaining this scenario.

Measuring Point / Counter - IK01

     We are going to record the running hours of the Pump. To record the running hours we need to create measuring point / counter.

     Create the Measuring point for Equipment, enter the object type IEQ

     To make the measurement point as a Counter, you need to check "MeasPoint is counter"

     Ensure characteristics you want to assign to measuring point / counter were created


In the measuring counter, you need to maintain below fields                                                       


Header 1
Meas Position
Counter Overflow reading

Annual Estimate

MeasPosition                     - This describes the position of the measuring point / counter with respect to the Technical Object.

Counter Overflow reading - The first counter reading that the counter cannot display. Enter a logical value for the first counter reading.

Annual Estimate                - Estimated hours the equipment can run in a year. This needs to be filled, maintenance intervals are calculated based on this data.

On save, measuring point / counter is created.

Record the current running hours reading of the Pump using measuring documents (IK11), this is required to schedule the plan.

On save, first measurement document created for measuring point / counter. Two documents are posted for this measuring point / counter.

Cycle Sets - IP11Z

     Cycle sets are used as a copy model for the creation of multiple counter plan. It defines the period of time between two maintenance tasks. Also cycle sets can be complied directly in multiple counter plan itself.

     Cycle sets needs to be created based on business requirement.

Maintenance plan - IP01 / IP43

     Select the Maintenance plan category and Cycle set (Cycle set not mandatory)

     Press Enter

     Cycle sets will be copied to the maintenance plan

     Cycle set sequence needs to be filled and same has to be linked to maintenance item. Here the scenario has only one cycle set sequence.

     Cycle set sequence, Scheduling period, Start date will be populated in the multiple counter maintenance plan (IP43) after activating the "Configure Special Functions for Maintenance Planning" in SPRO.

     Kindly update the maintenance plan with relevant details like Maintenance Plan Description, Maintenance Item Description, Order Type, Planner Group, Work Center, Task list and Priority.

   Select the Maintenance plan scheduling parameters tab.

Kindly maintain the Sched Period and Start Date.

The important factor of Multiple Counter Plan is the Operation Type.

Kindly refer the scheduling column for the Operation type and difference on scheduling the maintenance plan.

On Save Maintenance Plan will be saved.

Scheduling - IP10 / IP30

On scheduling the plan, we need to consider the Operation Type and the behavior of scheduling will be different based on the type.

OR Operation Type:

For an OR Operation, a maintenance order is generated for the earliest possible planned date.

In our case, if the maintenance is due every 250 hrs or 3 months, the decisive factor is which occurs first.

On scheduling the Maintenance plan

Since the measuring counter reading is already reached 250, a maintenance is already due, on save, work order will be generated.

AND Operation type:

For an AND Operation, a maintenance order is generated for the last planned date.

In our case, if the maintenance is due every 250 hrs or 3 months, the decisive factor is which occurs last.

On scheduling the maintenance plan

Measuring counter is reached, but the 3 months is not reached so the maintenance is planned for the future date based on the start date.

Here I have covered the basic scenario of Multiple Counter Plan, there are lot of options available to explore in this area.

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