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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Split Valuation in the AFS Industry is an important crieterion for valuating materials. One of the major reasons for using Split Valuation would be to valuate the RMs differently based on their SKU levels. For instance, the various sizes of men’s pants have significant differences in their material input (e.g. zippers).  Therefore, the large, medium and small sizes should be valuated and costed separately

Before the material master can be set up following steps need to be completed for activation of split valuation.

Activiate Split Valuation

Path : IMG -> Material Management -> Valuation & Account Assignment -> AFS Split Material Valuation


SAP AFS uses the valuation category X for Split Valuation. Valuation Types are maintained in each material master.

Valuation Category

1. Define Valuation Type

2. Define Global Categories

3. Assign valuation category

Now the material master is ready to use the valuation category.

1. Create a Material with a Grid and specify the ”Valuation Category“ as “X“ in the Accounting 1 tab.

2. In the  “AFS Valuation“ tab you need to now enter the “Valuation Type“ code for the relevant “SKU“ .

Now save the material.

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