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Dear all,

It gives me a privilege to share this concept, which was routed by mentor and friend who's mightier push back today couldn't have let me in working this scenario and thereby sharing with you might have delayed ages .

Thanks to my friend and mentor in this concern. Before I began further, I humbly request the moderators, mentors, excerpts and guru's to add and encourage my post in this regard. Also I strongly believe in learning and thereby ushering oneself rather focused on credibility, because more than credibility self-satisfaction and thereby open-end challenges are always waiting for enthusiasts to work on no matter what level they might achieve.

Thanks a lot in advance.....

Split Period Posting - Fiscal Year Variant (April - March)

For few companies, they might want to follow the period in a split way in a month, i.e., the client wants the business transactions to be automatically routed to the next period in the same month when their end-user posts business transactions.

Generally, by practice most of us know that in a fiscal year variant, we configure the day count of a period in every month by end date of that month, but in the above case it's little tricky, but once found it's as good as a novice game.

This is the V3 variant (April-March) Fiscal Year.

Now this is how we work for the above given scenario.......................

(1) Go to Transaction Code OB29 click on new entries or press (F5) and enter the two charactered alpha-numeric as desired (shown below) and save it to save the newly created Fiscal Year Variant.

(2) First Select the newly created fiscal year variant and the double click on the periods as highlighted (below screenshot) to define periods for the fiscal year variant.

(3) Enter the Months, Day, Period, Year Shift as shown below. [it's noticed that in the below screen shot, that we were able to enter the periods for 15th of every month, excluding december]

Displaying image.png

Explanation of the approach.....

Once the Periods are been entered as shown above, click on save button or press control+S to save it.

(4) Assign Fiscal Year Variant to the company code through the transaction code OB37, now in the fiscal year variant input field, press F4 to drop down and select the fiscal year variant(desired variant created as per the earlier step), T3, select the variant and save it further.


>>>>>>Let us see the transaction level posting..........

(1) Document Posted on April 01st of 2015 (This is a vendor invoice)

Inline image 3

(2) Document Posting after April 16th of 2015 [16.04.2015]

Inline image 6

Inline image 8

Similarly Posting for the next month, this is how it goes on......

Inline image 4

Hope this helps aspirants, newbies and consultants to understand how the periods can be mapped as per the client's requirement to not only get the desired output further resolve such requirements.

It's not only the case of 15, but any given date of a particular month, Also to make a note to all of you before I conclude this document, here it goes, when a particular period wants to be split till 15 and rest of the periods are in tact(no change), PFA.... screenshot for your reference.

Inline image 2

I once again, thank my mentor and my friend, whose mightier push and continuous follow-up would not have really got me a such wonderful achievement, which might feel unseemingly impossible without trying.

Thanks a lot dear members and moderators me being the part of such a wonderful community and L"earning " space too. Will see you with another recipe requirement  like this.

Have great time all.

Cheers 🙂


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