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Hi all,

When sending certificate in t-code 'OAC0' occurred  error 'SF Error : Invalid Signer' due to Certificate issue.

certificate was not present.

Do Some steps to add certificate in t-code 'STRUST' -Trust Manager.:

  1. Goto Transaction 'STRUST': Trust Manager

   2. The red cross should show up in front of 'System PSE'. 

   3. Mark   'System PSE' and select option 'Create' from right-mouse context menu.

4. Popup will come 'Create PSE' appears.

5. Entries for fields like 'Name' and 'Comp. /Org.' are already filled  if you want to change or adjust value you can do it.

6. Expand the folder and double click on new 'system PSE' you will get message 'LOCAL PSE OK'.


7. Double click on the entry for a field 'Own Certif.' in the section 'System PSE' and you can see in below field section added new certificate.

8. Press the button ''Add to Certificate List'. after pressing button you can see Entry of Certificate will be appeared

     you can get all information like upper part.

9. Press "SAVE" button and keep your changes.

10. all configuration are done. now new certificate has been created and now new certificate is known.

if you have any question please let me know



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