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Simulation of Payroll in Info type-0008 Using Feature PM004

PM004 Determining the Simulation Variant for the Payroll Program

Define Payroll Program Variant for Simulation: In this step you maintain feature PM004. By doing so, you can define the dynamic call-up of the payroll program variant used for the simulated payroll run.

You can specify a variant of your payroll program as a return value. This payroll program variant will then be used for performing the payroll simulation.

Step-1: Go to PA30 Enter employee PERNR and Info type-0008 display following screen appears

Step-2: Go to PE03 Enter feature PM0004 go to Change following screen appears

In Select Field for Decision operation  following fields are available for this:

WERKS Personnel area

BTRTL Personal subarea
PERSG Employee group
PERSK Employee subgroup
ABKRS Payroll area
SCODE Simulation code

Select as per Requirement and create and then check and activate.

You want to use a specific variant that has already been defined for payroll program RPCALC00 when you simulate a payroll run for employee group 1 ('Active').

Step-3: Go to PA30 Enter employee PERNR and Infotype-0008 display following screen appears here you can check Payroll Simulation Push Button will be available

Click on Payroll Simulation following screen appears

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