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Hello All

I am currently studying and exploring HANA S/4 On premise Edition 1511.

This document focusses on the Logistics-PS related points extracted from simplification list.

In SAP PS , there are many redundant T codes to maintain PS projects. The Target T code is CJ20N -project builder.

The objective and recommendation is to avoid usage of the below T codes and use CJ20N as single project maintenance transaction.

Below T codes will be available with SAP S/4 HANA ,On Premise 1511 but they are not in target architecture.

CJ01 : Create WBS

CJ02 : Change WBS

CJ03 : Display WBS

CJ06 : Create project definition

CJ07 : Change Project definition

CJ08 : Display project definition

CJ11 : Create WBS element

CJ12 : Change WBS element

CJ13 : Display WBS element

CJ14 : Display WBS element (from DMS)

CJ20 : Structure planning

CJ20A : Display Structure Planning

OPUM : Maintain subprojects

Other T codes are CN19 ,CN20 ,CN21 ,CN22 ,CN23 ,CJ27 ,CJ2B ,CJ2C ,CN26 ,CN26N



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