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Notice Period Calculation as per Client Requirement

Scenario: If a confirmed employee leaving the organization he has to serve 90 days notice period if he doesn’t serve the notice period recovery to be happened. For probationary employee 15 days notice to be served.

Vice versa if organization sending the employee before notice period for confirmed employee 90 days and for Probationary employee 15 days then notice period payment to be happened.

In special cases Notice period recovery nor payment won’t happened.

Sap Standard: Resignation workbench to be executed.

PCR to full the above mentioned scenario:-

In the below mentioned screenshot in Info Type -0041 Date Specifications maintain resignation date. I have considered 18-Resignation date for recovery and 19-Resignation date for notice period payment.

I don’t maintain Date 18 or 19 if there is neither recovery nor payment.

PCR – ZNCH:- This PCR checks the IT0041 record, if this record satisfies it will go for further calculation.

This PCR has to be inserted in Schema, I have inserted in XT00 Subschema. Pls. check the below screenshot.

PCR-ZNTP: This PCR checks the Notice served days condition from his resignation date to till leaving action performed.

Also the calculation on Basic to be performed

PCR in Schema:

The same conditions will apply for notice period payment but the calculation part will be different.

  PCR – ZNCN: It check whether the Notice payment to be done

PCR in schema.

PCR-ZNTT for Notice period payment

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