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The objective of this document is to provide the brief introduction about HANA, its journey and importance of simple finance.

Introduction and Importance of simple finance - Why it is called Simple finance ?

SAP S/4 HANA  is minimizing the redundancy and complexity of existing system by consolidating multiple tables into single table.

Example: Earlier there are two tables for document header and for line items, now those are consolidated.

Importance- Simple finance come across the following constraints in ECC:

  • On time closure of financials
  • Easy way of reporting
  • Cloud storage, Cloud computing
  • Access the data from multiple sources like ( PC / Tab and even from mobiles)
  • Easier way of reconciliation between finance and controlling by introduction of secondary cost elements as GL's
  • GL creation (FS00) ends up with cost element creation. Cost element screen now available in FS00 itself.
  • Accounting based COPA now its easier at the same time we can use costing based COPA also.

Example on How Account based COPA is easier by using simple finance?Currently COPA data is storing in COEP table and it contains multiple tables like CE1XXXX, CE2XXXX, CE3XXXX, CE4XXXX, now all the data will be stored in a single table named ACDOCA.It is easier to build reports using the ACDOCA Table.

Secondary cost element as a GL Account:

Cost element from FS00 itself - From Control data Tab - This feature is for treating secondary cost element as a GL Account.

Visibility of financials in all the devises:

To get the benefits of S/4 HANA, basic hana implementation or migration is required.

Introduction about SAP HANA and its Journey from 2010 to Till Date:SAP HANA is an in-memory, column-oriented,relational database management system developed and marketed by SAP.Its primary function as database server is to store and retrieve data as requested by the applications.In addition,It performs advanced analytics like

  • Predictive analytics,
  • Special data processing,
  • Text analysis,
  • Text search,
  • Streaming analytics,
  • Graphical data processing and it can be used as an application server.

We can see the HANA journey from the year 2011 to till date from the following:

SAP HANA Implementation/ Migration:

Advanced features will be updated soon.

Best regards,

Pavan Kumar Arvapally

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