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The following blog post is a submission of our App idea for the SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2019. In this challenge the participants are to conceptualize an idea for an App using SAP technology stack (SAPUI5, Fiori, SAP Cloud Platform etc) and SAP Business One HANA, develop a working prototype of the App and showcase it via this Blog.

Read more about the challenge here.

ShopONE Solution Demo Video

Start her by looking at the Demo to understand the idea for the App. It is a App for the customer's of a brick and mortar Retailer / Retail Chain that is using or planning to use SAP Business One HANA as their Backend ERP. The App will Out-of-the-Box provide a Self-Checkout PoS experience to the In-Store shoppers that have to otherwise stand in long queues to get their items scanned and paid for. It can also provide a Online Retail experience. The PHYGITAL experience!!

Submission Details

Solution Name

ShopONE - Customer Self-Checkout PoS and Online Store with SAP Business One. The PHYGITAL experience!!


Solution Description

ShopONE App is a Self Service PoS (Point-of-Sale) for the Customers of Retail company that has multi brand Retail outlets (like a Hyper Mart) and has SAP Business One as their backend. The App will offer Digital experience to a Physical Store visit and will transform traditional Checkout experience.

In short, ShopOne – The Self Customer Self-Service Checkout & Online Shopping App that enables an In-Store shopper to do Self-Checkout with Online or In-Store Payment to eliminate the queue altogether!! It also lets the user search and browse products for online shopping without visiting the store at all.


Solution Use Case

The Solution is for the Retail Industry that is reeling under the pressure of Online / Digital revolution in Retail. The truth is that Brick and Mortar is still very much a thriving retail channel as Humans like to touch and feel stuff they buy in real life. People all over the world still spend most of their money “In Store” (> 60%).

Hence, Retailers need a disruption of sorts within the Brick & Mortar space and that is where the ShopONE solution comes in.


Persona Identified:

Working Women Shopper / Retail Customer



Pain Points:

Main problem that Shoppers face with In-Store buying

  1. Product Find-ability

  2. Long queues at Checkout stations

  3. Zero Social integration – Ratings & Reviews, Recommendations, Offers (Show 1 sec clip of Online Reviews and Ratings)

  4. No Order Tracking / History


Solution Details

Shoppers can use the App to do self service checkout and payment during In-store (Physical shopping) right from their own mobile using the ShopONE app and later they can even shop online or repeat orders for regular supplies. Benefits for both the customer / shopper and the Retail  Business as follows

For Shoppers

  1. Unique Shopping experience: Best of both worlds – In store experience with Online convenience

  2. Choice of In Store and Online buying

  3. No more queues at the store, Self-checkout / PoS

  4. Spend tracking during In Store shopping

  5. Real time ratings and reviews even when shopping In Store

For Retail Chain Business

  1. Revolutionary Customer Experience

  2. Customer satisfaction

  3. Complete Digital Transformation of your Retail Business and Customers

  4. Customer Loyalty with dedicated ShopOne App and real time Offers / Promos

  5. Customer Feedback & Ratings on Products

  6. In Store Customer behavior tracking not possible earlier

    1. Time spend (In Store), Micro & Macro Buying pattern

    2. Using Beacons connected to mobile app for In Store Heat map

  7. Out of the Box Online Store App for the Retailer

  8. Out of the Box Integration of In Store and Online Orders & Payment with backend ERP (SAP Business One) backend



Solution Technology

SAPUI5 / SAP Fiori

SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Build.me


SAP Business One HANA

Service Layer


Fiori Runtime Client Container


Go-to-Market Strategy

Industry focus:

Retail Industry, especially multi band store chains

Marketing strategy:

Our plan is to market the the revolutionary retail experience of ShopONE as the differentiator that will compel brick and mortar businesses to buy the complete solution including SAP Business One. The obvious choice is Digital marketing of the concept followed by a couple of initial deployments.


Road Map

The possibilities with this Scenario are endless and just to name a few, we plan to make a full blown offering and not just a concept that will provide not just self service checkout but also

    1. Out-of-the-Box Online App store

    2. Customer Loyalty Management

  1. Similar Item search using AI

  2. Pre-packaged Analytics and Dashboards using HANA analytics for Retail business

  3. Customer Social gamification


Contact Information


Partner: Total Application Software Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Country: India

Team Name: TASC

Team Members: Anurag Gupta, Dhirendra


I hope you like our App idea and the read was worth your valuable time.  We are deeply thankful to the entire SAP SMB SEEDx Team that gave us this opportunity to learn the cutting edge technologies and inspired us to participate in this wonderful learning journey!!

At the end of all this learning and inspiration, we do expect SAP team to recognize the immense potential our idea has and help us to go to market with the solution / offering that can revolutionize the Retail industry. Thank you!!

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