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While upgrading from SFIN 1503 to S/4HANA 1605 SP6, we came across this issue which I thought of sharing with our community.

As we know, J1INJV is used for Withholding tax adjustment entries in Indian company codes which are being implemented with Extended Withholding Tax features. For eg. Suppose a Vendor  Invoiceis being posted with a wrong WHT code or Amount or the Base Amount and now, you want to rectify it. The best way to achieve that is to reverse it and post it again. However, if the  Vendor invoice has already been paid and the corresponding bank line account has also been cleared then it requires a lot of effort to get the original invoice reversed. To avoid all these, we use J1INJV to adjust only the WHT related line items. Please note that J1INJV does not work for the Vendor open entries.


Error :

While creating a document for an already paid Vendor invoice line item, we encountered an Abap dump. Below are the steps we followed.

Execute tcode J1INJV

In the above Selection screen, put Document number and other details and select “Check”

Once you get the above screen, select the appropriate Correction option (Tax Amount or Taxcode or Base Amount). In my case, I selected Tax Amount Correction.

As you can see the Tax amount row is open for correction. This is the original entry and we have to change it.

After the Amount is changed, select the line and Press “Simulate”

System displayed the correct entry vide Simulation hence I came out of this screen and press “Post”

Analysis :

A debug of the same with the help of our technical colleague reveals that there some abnormal value getting created for Currency type 30 (Group Currency).

Solution :

Implemented OSS Note 2422870 - FBW3: Posting of Bill of Exchange Usage causes dump with 'ASSERTION_FAILED' within class CL_FINS_ACDOC_VALUATION_UTIL method CALCULATE_RDIFF


Result :

The document created successfully through J1INJV.

I hope this content will be helpful to the SAP community members. If you have any feedback or idea to enhance this content, feel free to add your comment or simply share it if you liked it!

Disclaimer and Liability Notice :

This document may discuss sample coding or other information that does not include SAP official interfaces and therefore is not supported by SAP. The writer of this article and SAP will not be held liable for any damages caused by using or misusing the information, code or methods suggested in this document, and anyone using these methods does so at his/her own risk. SAP offers no guarantees and assumes no responsibility or liability of any type with respect to the content of this technical article or code sample, including any liability resulting from incompatibility between the content within this document and the materials and services offered by SAP. You agree that you will not hold, or seek to hold, SAP and the writer of this blog responsible or liable with respect to the content of this document.
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