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We have SAP_FIN 720 implemented in our system. Recently while testing the postings in a newly created company code, we encountered the below errors.

  1. This error encountered while posting a simple FI vendor invoice. The entry could be simulated but system flashed the below error once we tried posting the document.

2. Another error encountered while we tried to post a GR entry. It did not show any error while checking the items but gave the error while posting.

3.No transaction posting was possible which were going to create an Accounting entry.

Analysis :

In this case, Currency Type 30 is maintained as the Controlling Area Currency but inadvertently it has been created as an additional LC in system. The same can be seen as below by executing     t-code OB22.

The tcode OB22  has become obsolete in SFIN and system flashes a message “Use Transaction FINSC_LEDGER to maintain currency settings” . However, it shows the old OB22 screen without any editing option.

By executing t-code FINSC_LEDGER, the below can be displayed.


As it can be seen in the above image that the red marked area is blank. Ideally it should contain an option like  and there is no manual option to get the box back in the screen.

It resulted in creating an entry in the table T001A and also a value “2” in Column  “Pos K” in the table FINSC_LD_CMP.

Solution :

Apply the below OSS Notes

  1. 2274321 - Customizing Consistency - Posting blocked despite only warning messages

  2. 2376552 - Transaction FINSC_LEDGER: Indicator "Only Used in Controlling" is read-only

After applying the above 2 OSS Notes the Currency settings through t-code OB22 and  FINSC_LEDGER  respectively looks as below :

As can be seen the 2nd local currency does not hold any value now in the above screen.

The values in Tables T001A and FINSC_LD_CMP got changed as below :

Table T001A : The value against the Company code is nil now.

Table FINSC_LD_CMP : The value in Pos K column is blank now.

Result :

Documents can be posted in the Company Code now.
I hope this content will be helpful to the SAP community members. If you have any feedback or idea to enhance this content, feel free to add your comment or simply share it if you liked it!


Disclaimer and Liability Notice :

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