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In this Blog, we would like to share our experience while setting up punch-out catalogs in the S/4 HANA Cloud Essentials.

1. The APP used to setup the Punch-out Catalog is 'Settings for Web Services'

2. For few Suppliers, there was a requirement that an identifier should be sent to the Supplier for each punch-out calls made by Users. In this case we used the variable SY-UNAME. This variable on cloud provides the 'CB' user information for e.g CB9980000001 instead of User ID.

3. Please note that the BAdI to modify the punch-out call at run time is not yet released by SAP & is currently planned to be released in release 2005 or 2008. Because of this it is not possible to modify the punch-out call dynamically. For example - Amazon Catalogs need Email Address of the User for punch-outs. As it was not possible we had to create User specific Amazon web services with E-mail Id of the User as a fixed value. (refer to the first screenshot)

Update : After the 2008 release, we now have the BAdI MMPUR_OCI_OUTBOUND_PARAMETERS to modify the punch out details. Please refer to the below discussion.


4. After the setup, we faced few hiccups to test the punch-outs as we do not have access to the SAP GUI, it is difficult to analyze the data sent by the supplier during the punch-out. After lot of brainstorming, we installed a third party tool (Postman/ HTTP trace) to identify the data sent from the Supplier.

If you need more information on this, please refer to the discussion:


5. After the data is sent from the catalog, it is possible that these master data does not exist in your system. For e.g Material Group, Supplier No. In order to overcome this we have used the BAdI "MMPUR_OCI_ITEM_TRANSFER_DATA" along with some Custom business objects where we could map the data coming from the catalog to the data existing in our system.

Hope you would benefit from the above information. Please feel free to ask questions or share your experience.

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