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This blog post is summary of rolling out FIORI application - Migrate Your Data   ID F3473 and detailed activities involved in setup. Limitations and tips on using FIORI “Migrate Your Data”. With this app, you can migrate business data to SAP S/4HANA 1909 on prem  from certain SAP source systems ERP.

This blog post provides prerequisites, configuration steps and few practical tips on handling SAP Direct transfer using Fiori app “Migrate Your Data”.

Basic Available Migration Objects

You can get detailed list of available migration objects on below link.


Application Component CA-LT-MC

*Note Source system refer to ECC version and Target system refer to SAP S/4Hana 1909 onward


Prerequisite checklist and steps to be carried out in target (SAP S/4HANA)

  • Target system version of  SAP S/4 Hana System is 1909  or above

  • Analyse note 2815704 – Migrate your Data Fiori app for SAP S/4Hana on premise edition 1909

  • Run Report DMC_NOTE_ANALYZER and take require action for notes to be applied.

    • Upgrade notes related to DMC_NOTE_ANALYZER - SAP Note 2596411 Note Analyzer – SLT / NZDT / S/4HANA Migration Cockpit (DMIS2011;DMIS2018;S/4HANA

    • Run report DMC_NOTE_ANALYZER with “SAP S/4 Hana migration cockpit” option and Central note updated with 2780378

    • Analyse notes suggestion from report result. Please validate notes sequence , Any notes only applicable to 000 client , Pre and post execution. And implement notes in S/4 Hana system.

    • Execute Program CNV_PE_MC_LOAD_OBJECTS in the target SAP S/4HANA system. This program loads the migration objects delivered by SAP from client 000 to the client you are working in. This step is one time activity and ensure all templates are in sync between working client.

    • 000 client object explorer to view template

  • Create RFC connection to ERP system using technical user role as mentioned below details in Source system – ERP section.


Perquisite checklist and steps to be carried out in source(SAP ECC)

  • Add-on upgraded to component DMIS_2011_1 SP17 or higher in the source system

  • Create Technical user with read access with reference to SAP Role SAP_DIMS_OBT_MASTER or SAP_DIMS_OBT_REMOTE

  • Source system – ERP

  • Optional : Source system ERP do not provide details on DIMS related notes in detail for SAP S/4 migration cockpit.

  • Run report DMC_NOTE_ANALYZER with “ABAP integration for SAP Data Intelligence” Central note updated with 2860331

FIORI applications and services

Area   Activity Details

FIORI Activation

App ID: F3473
Migrate Your Data

fioriappslibrary. link

Odata  service : /LTB/MIG_MC_ODATA_SRV

BSP Node: /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/LT_MC_PE_S1/


FIORI Activation

Migrate Your Data – Migration Cockpit (old)

fioriappslibrary. link

BSP Node: /sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/DMC_WDA


App ID: F1047A,F1686A,


Other MDG applications in case MDG-F/MDG-F into scope fioriappslibrary. link

Consideration while running Migration project

Area Details
Asset Migration

“Legacy Data Transfer status” has to change from “In Preparation”

SPRO :  Financial Accounting – Asset accounting – Asset Data Transfer – Define Transfer date and additional parameter
Asset Migration

Apply additional filter in LTMOM -> select project -> Source structure -> ANLA->Technical selection Filter to select only valid asset for migration .

Remapping of depreciation area from source to target to change assignments .
Asset Migration Separate Screen layout/Field group rules for Asset to be redefine considering migration scenario would require input enable fields which are read only otherwise example Orign. Useful life
Controlling  area currency Mapping area currency issues refer to SAP note 2934306
Business partner / Vendor

CVI configuration need to completely defined

Industry system

Vendor->BP->Vendor number range need to be in syc as external or internal number range.
Business partner / Vendor + Customer

Title of business partner mapping require to be in sync with source and target system. Migration of direct transfer to be excluded from 4eye check vendor confirmations.

For integrated business partner scenario customer to be migrated first and extend same business partner as vendor role


Attachment migration is not part of application transfer.It requires Separate handling.

Additional filter criteria for migration object selection

1.       Transaction CNV_PE_PROJ - CNV_PE_PROJ_MAINTAIN/LTMOM Select project created via FIORI

2.       Select Data Model / Source structure form project

3.       Add selection criteria into source structure.

4.       Ensure data integrity is maintained as filtered data from project will not be considered for migrations.


1.       Transaction LTMOM Select project created via FIORI

2.       Target processing provides BAPI mapped for migration

3.       Execute / Simulation

4.       Select filter criteria for debugging using free selection

5.       Tick appropriate Build/Simulation option for debugging

6.       Bapi test variant can be set for further debugging in SE37.

Retention:Project has not been deleted after the retention period, contact your system administrator to check that the retention job (job /LTB/RETENTION) is running. For more information, see SAP Note 2997667 .

Template upload and download. (Client 000):Report CNV_PE_DOWNUP: TEMPLATES UPLOAD AND DOWNLOAD 2953439


In Summary SAP Fiori application migrate your data application is easy to use with for end user to execute data migration.

Blog post provides details of Data transfer functionality for all SAP Finance / Basis consultants who support applications of the direct data migration using SAP FIORI apps for the customer’s business to achieve seamless data migration.
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