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As we all know, the much awaited Git-enabled Change and Transport System (gCTS) is available with S/4 HANA 1909, FPS00 and we also have the initial blog  gCTS is here from karin.spiegel. So please check it if not already done.

And with gCTS SAP launched a new Fiori App "Git-enabled CTS" to manage repositories on the ABAP system. So, before we start with the process to setup this app, lets first see where this app fits in the entire gCTS process.

With gCTS the new ABAP software life cycle process will look like...


As we can see, the new process is Git based and we will need to maintain Git repositories to push our code across systems and that is where exactly this Fiori App will be helpful to maintain repositories.

Lets see what all need to be done to get this app on the Fiori Launchpad...

  • Implement SAP note  - The very first step would be to implement SAP note 2827411 in  every system in which you want to use gCTS.

  • Confirm ATO setup - Make sure ATO setup is already done in TCODE S_ATO_SETUP

  • Activate Service in Front-End-Server - Activate the services  CTS_ABAPVCS and the BC_CTS_GIT in SICF


  • Assign Authorizations in Backend Server - Assign Role SAP_BC_YCM_APS  and the mentioned authorization objects to the users who are going to use this app.

Authorization Objects required:

    • S_GCTS_REP

    • S_CTS_ADMI




    • S_LOG_COM

  • Enable App for Access in SAP Fiori Launchpad - Add the SAP Fiori Tile Catalog SAP_BASIS_TCR_T (SAP: Application Services) to the user roles that will use the gCTS app. and assign this role to the required users.


Now we have completed the activates required to setup the Fiori and now we can open the Launchpad and look for the app under available apps and add it the required group.

Time to launch the App and here we go....

App is opening fine and now we can start creating and configuring the repositories using this new app for gCTS...

Continue exploring further and don't forget to share it further...



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