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In Continution (adding the last section) to the post "Defaulting sales area in VA01" by Mr. G. Lakshmipathi

You often need to enter some default organizational values in SAP. To avoid having to enter these values every time you can create you own defaults and the following way should enable you to do that.

Click on Menu - System - User Profile - Own Data

or use transaction SU3

Click on the Parameters tab and enter the organizational values that you use in your dialy work. For Parameter ID "XUS" enter your own SAP User ID, so when you run some reports where you require to enter your SAP User ID, your User ID that you enter in Parameter will be copied over.

Save your default values. Similarly you can add many default values as Parameters

To identify Parameter ID's:

Should you find whether there are any additional fields that you want to be defaulted, do as described below:

> Place the cursor on the field you want to find out the value of the Parameter ID and press F1

> Click on Technical information icon


> Check the Parameter ID and enter in it the Parameter tab

Excuse if the similar content has already been shared by any fellow member.

Thanks, br,

Sats :smile:

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