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Today's post will be a little different than many of my previous posts.  Mostly because I'm delegating most of the tasks in here to our good friends in FICO.  If it's one thing I know about myself it's that I don't know FICO, so it's always been my stance to defer all of the costing questions to someone else 😃  So today, I'm going to show where the things are (I believe many of these nodes exist elsewhere in the FICO areas).  The only piece I'll go into is the Assign Costing Parameters and Results Analysis Key, because this is the one piece to applies directly to our service orders.

So what you need to do is quickly find out from the Finance group is what costing sheet, costing variant and results analysis keys should be applied to each of your service orders (by plant).

You'll notice that you define the parameters by order type/plant, so you vary things by facility.

Just select the record you need to update, and populate in the values you received from your friendly FICO resource.

I'd like to tell you exactly what these things means, and how they work, but even the best of us have limitations, and FICO is mine =).  While I may not understand all of it, I do know it's important, so make sure you don't skip this information.

If you're interested in great tips and tricks on SAP service management, variant configuration or ABAP Development, check out my blog at: http://paperstreetenterprises.com/blog/

There is also a link to some SAP Easy Buttons 😃

Thanks for reading,


CTO - JaveLLin Solutions, LLC

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