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In this step, you can define default values for the value categories for the entry of costs.  This setting applies to the creation of historical orders and cost estimates in normal orders.  You can choose from the same value categories as for the cost display of non-historical orders.  This is another piece of configuration I don't really use.  Since it deals with historical orders and cost estimates, neither are practices I tend to implement.  However, that being said, it's always good to keep an open mind.  So that's what's why I'm talking about this today.

If you go to transaction SPRO: Plant Maintenance and Customer Service -->maintenance and service processing--> basic settings--> settings for display of costs-->define default values for value categories.

This shows the out of the box values.  If you press new entries, you can do the pull down and see all of the available options.

The short story is to select all of the value categories you use.  So for me it be Labor, Material, etc..

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Mike CTO - JaveLLin Solutions, LLC