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Today, I'm going to talk about another piece of the service order configuration.  In this work step, you assign the QM inspection types  to the service order types. These settings result in an inspection lot being generated automatically for the corresponding order when a PM/CS order is released.

This inspection lot can then be processed further in QM.  I don't pretend to know anything about Quality, so leave those steps to people more qualified than myself.  What I do know is that, the inspection types must be maintained in Customizing of QM. Check out SAP library under Planning of the calibration inspection for more details.

The basic premise works like this.  In the task list,  you assigned an inspection characteristics to one or more operations.  During order release an inspection lot is created. This inspection lot refers to the inspection characteristics and the test equipment of the service order.  From there, you can enter results and their characteristics in the QM System.  Finally, there is a usage decision for the individual pieces of equipment.

Now with the explanations out of the way, we can get into the details.

First, the IMG path to configure this step.

From here, you simply assign the inspection type to each plant/service order combination.  That's it.

If you're interested in great tips and tricks on SAP service management, variant configuration or ABAP development, check out my blog at: http://paperstreetenterprises.com/blog/ There is also a link to some SAP Easy Buttons 😃
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