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In the standard DMEE TREE format SEPA_DD, the German umlauts or the national special characters are replaced.

The translation takes place by use for the function module SCP_REPLACE_STRANGE_CHAR.

For example

German umlauts

Replaced with













This conversion might leads to get the DME file rejected by the bank or some organization have HASH value or CHECKSUM value generated based on the standard table like REGUH etc  from where the details like Customer Name or Vendor Name are fetched.

Predominantly Customer or Vendor Name is one for the key fields based on which the HASH or CHECKSUM values are generated.

So when the DMEE file is sent to the bank or uploaded into the banking web site, the HASH or CHECKSUM value generated will differ.

Let take a case and look into the same.

Customer Name :  JäüüÖ

Format tree SEPA_DD settings are shown below.

Execute the F110 –for the customer JäüüÖ

The customer name is being displayed as JaeueueOe  as per the conversion function.

In the standard tables like REGUH – its being displayed as JäüüÖ.

Now do the required changes in the DMEE format so that the German umlauts or the national special characters are not replaced.

Goto DMEE and give the Tree type and Format tree

Goto the node Dbtr and do the changes in the conversion function by unflagging Replace National Characters and Exclude/allow defined characters.

Goto F110 and execute the payment run and check the DME file.

The customer name is getting displayed as maintained in the master date without being converted.

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