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Active Contributor
This blog post meant to be really quick one and I will just scratch the surface for the Release 2020 within PS module.

If you plan to upgrade to the release 2020, obvious recommendation is to run extensive regression testing, at least for key business processes. The impact might exceed your modest expectations.

Let me start with a settlement profile view:

Above you can see a radio-button for the settlement of Down payments.  Also variances to COPA and Currencies/Ledgers parameter.

Next, take a look on the field key:

Although the logic of these new check-boxes for the Field key seems to be turned upside down from the first look, the idea is about the compatibility with the older configuration.  As those are new fields, they will come empty and therefore by default will work fine with old records.

Next, on the project profile we can find default field keys for both WBS and PD (standard user-fields for the project definition getting out of the shadow too):

Thank you for your time!