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Hello all,

SAP Business ByDesign is a global solution that is being used in over 140 countries around the world which provides the agility to adapt to tax requirements, languages and currencies for quick entry to new markets. Us, at Seidor, have several Localization Solutions to enable Companies which want to expand their businesses to not fully-localized countries, such as Colombia.

What is our Colombian Localization Solution?

Our Colombian Localization Solution complies with tax requirements in Colombia. Additional to end to end functionalities, Seidor also covers legal reports as well as fully parametrizable settings which are adaptable to Company's Business requirements.

What are some key benefits from our Localization Solution?

  • Control your taxes

The solution includes and end to end configuration for purchases and sales withholding taxes, hence allows the Company to have a fully automatized calculation and posting taxes such as: Fuente, IVA, ICA and Districts withholding taxes.

  • Automatic generation of Legal Reports

The solution includes the generation Exogena information reports such as Medio Magnéticos formats 1001, 1003, 1005, 1009, among others.

  • Continuous innovation

As a suscriber, quarterly releases are included as part of the service we provide related to the solution. These releases include improvements on the current functionalities as well as new functionalities to expand the solution capabilities.

  • Best Practices

All functionalities are thoughly tested, documented and approved by our Localization team according to SAP's best practices and Seidor Methodology.

What functionalities are included?

  • Withholding Taxes functioanlity for purchases processes, for ICA, Fuente, IVA and District tax types.

  • Withholding Taxes functioanlity for sales processes for ICA, Fuente, IVA and District tax types.

  • Exogena Reports Generation.

  • City codification according to Dane regulations.

  • Selfwithholding functionality.

  • Withholding Certificates and Equivalent Document generation.

  • Tax regimen functionalityfor all customers and suppliers.

  • Journal Entry Voucher by Third Party funtionality.


How does it work?

Please click on this video containing a quickview on one of the functionalities included in our solution, Withholding Taxes for the Purchasing Process:

Many customers in Colombia are already using this solution. We'd love to discuss more about it. Please feel free to review the solution in the Appcenter:


And reach out to us on the information listed in the contact section. At Seidor customer satisfaction and quality in our products are always priorities in our list, and we are sure you'll notice that in all of our add-on solutions.
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