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Today’s industry aims to segment supply chain as ‘One-size-fits-all’ does not fulfil the desired objectives in terms of sales, profitability etc. Same product is sold at different price or service level or quality etc.

A product may be targeted at specific customer or region or channel for higher price. So, when an order comes, system should differentiate its availability check based on these attributes of segmentation. There may be scenarios that if an order is created through Internet (online) , then that order will have different available to promise (ATP) quantity w.r.t  sales orders created through other channels for the same product.

There is no simple or easy solution for ATP in SAP ECC or APO GATP for this kind of product segmentation. Many a time, separate organization structure (Plant or storage location etc) is used to segregate the products so that the orders with non-internet sales channel do not steal the product kept for internet sales (or vice versa). I have an experience of working with a customer who did not prefer separate organization element like plant for product segmentation and a solution with APO’s PASS (Parameter dependent ATP Safety stock) functionality was prototyped (and subsequently implemented) with certain enhancements for product segmentation with sales channels.

Now, SAP has provided the segmentation functionality with its Advanced ATP (AATP) in S/4HANA 1709 release. Let’s consider the same scenario with segmentation on sales channel – Internet and non-Internet sales as stated above.

Below screen shot (of CO09 from S/4HANA 1709 release) shows the quantity of stock for product FG20 in 2 segments , INTC (Internet channel) : 25 pc & NONC (Non-internet channel) – 15 PC with a total quantity of 40PC of product FG20 in the same plant 1010.

Now, a sales order with requirement segment for Internet sales (INTC) of order quantity 50pc  is created and the below screen shot shows the confirmation only for 25PC though the total available quantity for the product FG20 in plant 1010 is 40PC.

The solution for available to promise (ATP) of product segmentation is much simpler and flexible with Advanced ATP (AATP) of S/4HANA.

Update on 23rd Feb'2020 : Refer the blog in below link for relevant settings for Segmentation. https://blogs.sap.com/2018/08/20/segmentation-in-advanced-atp-of-s4hana-1709-release/
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