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Hello SAPers!

This is my second blog post covering the functionalities around use of account modifications in bank statement and the fourth post on the topics around search string in bank statement. I'll provide the links to my previous posts related to this topic at the end of this post.

1. Introduction

In this blog I’ll explain how to configure search string to derive the account modification for bank statement. Potential business scenario for this blog post is as follows:
- Your bank is providing the information about bank fees with BTC 004, which is assigned to a posting rule (e.g., Z-01).
- There are two types of charges associated with this BTC: operational daily fee (e.g., 1 EUR for each outgoing payment) and monthly fee i.e., fixed amount charged at the end of the month.
- You want to post operational fee to one GL account, but monthly fee to another GL account.
- Monthly fee is provided in bank statement with a fixed text e.g.: “Month Fee”. Screenshot of a sample bank statement is provided below:

2. Customizing of account symbol & posting rule

Posting rule Z-01 for bank charges was defined in transaction OT83 and assigned to external BTC 004. The screenshots below provide the overview of the configuration:

Account symbol BANK_CHARGES has account modification MONTH:

If you can uniquely identify a line in bank statement with monthly charges and fill the value “MONTH” in the field FEBEP-KFMOD during upload of bank statement, the program will retrieve a dedicated GL account for monthly bank charges i.e., 119999.

There are several ways to achieve this. Please refer to my previous post which explains the enhancement approach and explores other alternative options. This blog will explain how the functionality of search string can be used for this purpose.

3. Configuration of search string

Search string was defined in transaction OTPM as follows:

The search string will analyze outgoing payments in bank statement with BTC code “004” and will search for a fixed text “MONTH” in the note to payee. Once this text is found, a fixed value “MONTH” will be updated in the target field FEBEP-KFMOD. Update scenario is EBKFMOD “Account modification”.

See the resulting application log after upload of bank statement for house bank KREAG. As you can see, the GL account for house bank was determined based on the account modification:

4. Conclusions

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, this is the fourth post in the series on search string. Here are the links to other three blogs:

EBS: configuration of search string, part 1

EBS: configuration of search string, part 2

Search string in EBS, part 3 – bank charges

I hope that you have learn something useful once you reached this sentence. I’m looking forward to your comments and remarks.




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