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Search String Functionality- based on unique text in the note to payee lines for EBS.

EBS is used to enhance the efficiency of bank reconciliation process in the organization. There are different standard EBS bank formats available, e.g. BAI2 and MT940, Multicash etc. While importing the EBS, system identifies the business transaction codes from the file and post the documents on the basis of the settings already configured for EBS global settings.

As per the business scenario, either information in the note to payee may be incomplete or the desired result cannot be achieved through standard algorithm mechanisms provided by SAP. Therefore to overcome such lacunas, we use search string functionality to achieve the business requirement.

The Search String functionality can further be elucidated using the below-mentioned example:

Scenario: Bank provides one External Bank Transaction Code (BTC) for multiple transactions relating to incoming payments. However, the requirement of the business is to capture them in different GLs.


Multiple Transactions  



GE Capital



American Express








Please find the below screenshot depicting BAI2 file format for better understanding:

As per the standard config of EBS, system won’t allow us to assign more than one posting rules for a single business transaction code (BTC) in T-code OT83.

As per the aforementioned screenshot, the posting rule “ZAUP” is mapped against BTC “165” to post the note to payee lines for GE Capital, American Express and Amazon. However going by the business requirement, Note to payee line “Paypal” needs to be posted separately using different GL “22222”.

The desired business scenario can be achieved by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Create a new posting rule (e.g. Z001), where desired GL should be derived via account symbol.
  2. Create Search String with unique text “PAYPAL” using T-code OTPM.

Srch strg name: Enter a text to identify the search string.

Description: Enter Description.

Search String: Enter unique text “PAYPAL”.

Remove “PAYPAL” manually from target field as highlighted above and populate it using newly defined posting rule “Z001”.

Save the screen.

Now select “Search string use” from the Dialog Structure and do the requisite mapping as depicted in the below-mentioned screenshot:

In the column “Target Field”, select “Posting Rule” from the drop down and save the screen.

Import EBS file into the system using T-code FF_5.


Mohammed Kalim.

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