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This is the first time I am sharing my knowledge in SCN. I hope my document would be helpful.

Our client had a requirement that sensitive data cannot be a part of search criteria in HR transactions such as PA20/30, PPPM/D, PPOSE/ PPOME etc.

For our client, date of birth of employee is considered sensitive and they have requested us to remove/ hide date of birth and Start date when we are searching through Person. Employee’s Start date is pulled from IT0002 – Start date which is also the date of birth of an employee in the transaction code PPOME/ PPOSE.

For Ex: When we are searching for an employee through PPOSE/ PPOME by using PERSON Node, Valid From is retrieved from Person’s Date of Birth

Collective Search : PREMK

Though it is maintained in PREMK that begda and Endda information is retrieved from PA0001, but at the back end for collective search function module / program , the information is retrieved from PA0002.

Since this is SAP Standard program, we have come up with alternate solution by manipulating the display with config if required. We have raised it with SAP

We are using the column group NF_STP and that one includes the column ORG_BEGDA and ORG_ENDDA. To fill those columns we are using the generic function module OM_FILL_STANDARD_COLUMNS. The dates displayed for 'validity' are birthdate and high-date of IT0002.

We can't change the way ORG_BEGDA and ORG_ENDDA are filled; you may create your own column group and attach that to the relevant search tool which is CL_HR_SEARCHTOOL_PREM in scenario OMEO00.”

We looked up the column group that is used to display the hitlist:

Then for this scenario we decided not to use the Valid from any more. So we removed it in config

SPRO > Personnel Management > Organizational Management > Hierarchy Framework > Column Framework

Searched for Column Group NF_STP and hidden the column ORG_BEGDA.

And it is no longer available

This will be applicable to PPOME, PPOCE and PPOSE.

The collective search help and the search term does not display the birth date as per the request but if you run a free search the value is displayed if the user select the field as part of the output.  See below;

To identify the Object manager in the search area of the HR transaction, set/get parameter OM_OBJM_SCEN_DISPLAY is set, you can see in the search areas which object manager scenario is active in an instance of the object manager.

SU01 for the User profile

Object Scenario: for Transaction code PPPM / PPPD

Object Scenario: for Transaction code PA20/PA30


Object Scenario: for Transaction code PPOME/PPOCE/PPOSE

As shown above, the object manager for PPOSE/ PPOSE/PPOCE is OMEOO0

SPRO > Personnel Management > Organizational Management > Hierarchy Framework > Object Manager

The search scenario for OME000

Search Node Key

P – Person

C- Job

O- Organisation Unit

US – User

S- Position

T - Task

For each Search Node Key, we have different search tool such as

based on Position numbering.

The Free search node position 4 calls the Class CL_HR_ST_ADHOC_SELECTION

The search tool Class CL_HR_ST_ADHOC_SELECTION calls the table : T77OMAHQ_FUNCARS which gives mapping to ADHOC QUERIES.


Proposed Solution

  1. We have copied the existing infoset /SAPQUERY/HR_XX_OM_P to ZHR_XX_OM_P under Global Area.
  2. Deleted the DATE OF BIRTH related fields from the custom Infoset ZHR_XX_OM_P. Generated the infoset
    1. Fields  that are removed from Infoset are


          3. Maintained the table T77OMAHQ_FUNCAR with the enteries


  1. Tested PPOSE

Fields related to Date of Birth did not get dispalyed.

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